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Learn about Melaleuca products and get paid for doing it!

Ingredient Philosophy

Find out why Melaleuca stands apart with their quality ingredients.

Foundations Video

Here from Frank Vandersloot the founder of Melaleuca

Melaleuca story

Find out more about Melaleuca and their story over the last 4 decades


Learn how Melaleuca has changed lives over the last 4 decades

The R3 Weight Loss Plan is an easy-to-follow lifestyle that allows you to eat foods you already enjoy without counting calories, grams, or ounces or keeping a journal. You’ll eat according to your hunger level and learn how to incorporate Melaleuca products that will increase your energy, support weight loss, and ensure you maintain total wellness for life!

R3 teaches you how to transition your body out of fat-storing mode and into fat-burning mode. Your success happens over three two-week phases of the plan:

Reset: Change your hunger patterns, eliminate unhealthy food addictions, and lose weight and inches by following the Yes & No Lists of foods.

Reintroduce: Maintain better hunger patterns, learn how to reintroduce foods from the No List in moderation, and continue to lose weight and inches.

Real Life: Learn how to enjoy your favorite foods and continue to lose weight in real-life situations, such as holidays, vacations, and parties, so that you never feel deprived!

Two major threats to long-term health:


They are the root cause of degenerative conditions and aging. Only the Peak Performance Pack has been shown to reduce free radicals and inflammation, letting your whole body perform at optimum levels.

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