What is the patriot Switch Movement?

Join Scott McKay, Michael Jaco, and David Nino Rodriguez along with thousands of other patriots around the country to "Make the Switch"

Join Scott McKay, Michael Jaco, David Nino Rodriquez along with thousands of other patriots around the country to "Make the Switch"

Over the last 4 decades, we've watched as our communities are invaded and destroyed by big box retailers like Walmart, Albertsons, Amazon, Target and Kroger

We know how bad these big box stores are for our communities, but are they the ones really calling the shots or pulling the strings?

We saw just how far their reach can go over the last couple years as local businesses had to shutter their doors while the big box retailers thrived!

Illusion of Choice

Who is controlling the retailers?

As we look down the aisles of these big box conglomerates, the choices seem almost endless. But when you really start to look, there are only a handful of companies controlling all of it and have been for generations... these are the big conglomerates you see around the edge of the wheel.

Your money counts! When you shop these brands, your money is then used to fund the major stockholders who are calling all the shots!

Illusion of choice

Examples of brands many of us buy, thinking we are supporting family owned and healthy alternatives

Sold out to Unilever

Unilever acquired Seventh Generation for $700 million in 2016

Sold out to SC Johnson

SC Johnson acquired Mrs. Meyers Clean Day in 2008

Sold out to Colgate Palmolive

Colgate Palmolive acquired Tom's of Main in 2006 for $100 million

Sold out to SC Johnson

SC Johnson acquired Method in 2017

These big box conglomerates do not have our best interest in mind. Their negligent business model leaves a wake of destruction with permanent and sometimes fatal consequences. Many of them are children.

Product Liability Lawsuits

These are the companies we have been supporting...

Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary Seeks Bankruptcy Protection to Handle Talc Product Claims.

Burt's Bees Faces Class Action Suit Over 'Natural' Pet Shampoo Claims.

S.C. Johnson settles "Greenlist" Lawsuits. Company will drop label from Windex.

Lawsuits mount against Procter & Gamble over cancer-causing chemical in Old Spice, Secret sprays.

Aveeno and Neutrogena Spray Sunscreens Recalled Due to Low Levels of Benzene, a Carcinogen

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Baby Powder Over Asbestos Worry

Do You Have a Choice?

We searched North America and found one manufacturer that met our criteria.

Support a company that loves freedom the way we do!

  • Great products that are made with safe ingredients
  • Great pricing
  • Great customer service
  • Patriot and family owned
  • American made

These are everyday items you already buy.

The impact of your switch is so great because 90% of these items are currently purchased from companies that do not support freedom

What IMPACT can you have?

If you are like us, you want to make a positive impact in our country.